Saturday, 7 March 2015

Welcome to the Squadron Chatter podcast blog

Hello and welcome to the Squadron Chatter podcast blog.

Squadron Chatter is the unofficial podcast of the Squadron UK podcast. Super heroic roleplaying with a British flavour.

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  1. Sorry my first post was "eaten" got wondering if this was working.

    So any chance of an explanation of what was formerly campaign ratings now covered by Esteem, Sleuthing, Fate and so on?

    An example of character creation with an example of the game in play with perhaps a section where you answer questions using your favourite Squadron UK character to respond with?

    How changes would you make to a Squadron UK game set in the present?

  2. Sorry meant to type what changes would you make for a Squadron UK game set in the present?

  3. Hi. Thanks for listening and the comments. I'll give you a proper reply later as I'm at work at the moment.

  4. Thanks for your comments. I agree that an explanation/discussion of the campaign ratings changes would be useful and fully intend to deal with character creation and actual play in a future episode. Hopefully we'll have some actual play to use after UK Game Expo in May. I'll be sure to talk about these topics on the next episode.

  5. Darkwintere, if you haven't heard the second episode yet, we talk about your questions. Character creation will be addressed in episode 3.